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Cargopallet is designed to cope with large loads and has two fundamental characteristics - resistance and non-deformability - that derive from the reinforcement pilaster in the bulkheads and the well-ribbed Base. Made of polyolefin resins, Cargopallet containers are inert to acids, hydrocarbons, alkalis and solvents.

The overlap of Cargopallet  is secured by four cylinder/spherical pins obtained directly from the mold on top of the container that fit into appropriate seats machined at the bottom of the legs/runners of container.

It can be stacked and fork-lifted. Easy to clean, it does not absorb smells or damp and it can be stored outdoor. Fitted with feet, runners or wheels, it can be shifted with transpallet or forklift.


Cargopallet 600 LT:

  • Overall dimensions: 1200x800xh850 mm
  • Internal sizes: 1130x725xh690 mm
  • Distance between feet: short side 600 mm, long side 830 mm
  • Height of feet: 120 mm
  • Capacity max: 550 dm3
  • Max loading capacity: 500 kg
  • Max charge in piling: 2000 kg
  • Colour: grey RAL 7001

Cargopallet 300 LT:

  • Overall dimensions: 1000x700xh650 mm
  • Internal sizes: 940x640xh500 mm
  • Gap between feet: short side 505 mm, long side 640 mm
  • Height of feet: 120 mm
  • Capacity max: 297 dm3
  • Max loading capacity: 300 kg
  • Max charge in piling: 1200 kg
  • Colour: grey RAL 7001


The specifications may differ from areas and we keep the right to change without notice. Please check the specification with your local dealers. The color of the product might be affected by photography and the monitor's setting, which might be different from the real product.