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Emilcaddy is a mobile polyethylene container for transport and delivery of AdBlue/Def


Special characteristics of the Emilcaddy included:

  • Polyethylene containers available in 55 and 110 litre versions.
  • Pump 12V or 24 V.
  • Pump flow rate 30 L / min, 4-m cable with battery connectors.
  • Automatic Fuel Nozzle/Gun that can be auto adjusted to refuel the cars (with adjustment 5-10 L / min by adjusting with the special key provided).
  • 3 m of EPDM tube.


Available options:

  • Rechargeable 12 or 24 V (with charger 12-24 V or 220 V).
  • Digital Litre Counter Model K24.
  • Quick coupler attachment for IBC containers and AdBlue\DEF drums.


General features:

  • Easy grip handle for lifting and moving.
  • Special tank design with molded grooves for easy use of tie down straps where required.
  • Safety ball valve.
  • Filling plug with breather and antispill/drip protection.
  • Lower handle grip lift for ease of use.
  • Puncture-proof wheels and tank support feet for enhanced stability.
  • Front Nozzle/Gun support.


Dimensions and weights

Emilcaddy 55 AdBlue:

  • Volume 55 L.
  • Width 460 mm.
  • Depth 360 mm.
  • Height 900 mm.
  • Empty weight 8 Kg.


Emilcaddy 110 AdBlue:

  • Volume 110 L.
  • Width 460 mm.
  • Depth 440 mm.
  • Height 1,100 mm.
  • Empty weight 12 Kg.


The specifications may differ from areas and we keep the right to change without notice. Please check the specification with your local dealers. The color of the product might be affected by photography and the monitor's setting, which might be different from the real product.